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    My name is Chadd (spelled correctly). You may know me as "Wacky Chad!" and you're on this site because you enjoyed my street show. Your cashless tip means the world to me. The notifications for each cashless tip goes right to my phone. I do a little dance every time I receive one. I know there are a few more steps than a cash drop you may have to do in order to tip me this way. That's why I'm super grateful than you could possibly imagine that you tipped me in a cashless form.


    This is my dream job. I absolutely love what I do. There's a lot of behind the scenes work involved in creating and presenting a stunt comedian show. I hope a gave you and your family, date, or group of friends an experience to remember and make your day a little brighter.


    I try to make cashless tipping as simple and quick as possible. Any feedback in this process is appreciated. I wrote a blog about cashless tips to share with my fellow buskers (street performers). The blog got the attention of The Wall Street Journal. Connect with me below on social media and check out my website. Thank you so much!

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